Gratogel is the homeland of the Celts, and divided into a north and south side by a great mountain range. There is only one way that leads through a deep canyon, and, it is said that the passage is not entirely without danger. The legends say that the forefathers of the Celts landed in the middle of Gratogel when they came to Albion a long time ago. Many doubt that, because it not on the edge of the sea. But an ancient tree known as Qrenno, which exists nowhere else on this world, grows there in a grove. This is where the Druids chose to build their school, Arjano.

Vanello, led by Tribal King Oibelos, is located in the east of Gratogel, and is known especially for it’s trade goods. Vanello even boasts a Umajo trained smith, and like all tribal kingdoms of the Celts they have their own farms to keep livestock.

Aballon, led by the Tribal Queen Aretha, is a great fertile land in the south of Gratogel, through the deep canyon that leads beyond the great mountain range. It is known for its great fruit orchards, which often harvest in abundance. They also have a merchant who sells and buys many strange magical objects.

Klouta, led by the Tribal King Tharnos, is on the west coast of Gratogel and only possesses small farms. It is still prosperous because it holds Gratogel’s only safe port – which only operates with the permission of Tharnos. Many sailors and fishermen hail from here. It is so named for the river Klouta, which runs next to the village.


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