Chapter 1 Adventure Log

The party was took a bit of a disinterested tour of town, got drunk and were invited to attend a ceremony.

They turned up to the ceremony and witnessed a human assassin murder Fasiir, the head of the Dji-Fadh, the former guild. The Iskai law of family responsibility meant that as the only humans in Nakiridaani they were responsible for tracking down and arresting those responsible. They were assisted by the Stiriik Drirr.

The parties’ investigation led them to the guild of the Dji-Kas, where they saw the murderer with the Iskai, Kriis, who promptly aided the assassin in escaping. They arrested Kriis and the Dji-Kas guild leader Akiir, whom Kriis had immediately blamed and pointed the finger at, saying Akiir had ordered the assassination himself.

Hot on the trail of the assassin the party did not wait in pursuing the murderer to the ruins of the old former center, away from the main city.

They combated the perils there, met Argim, the sentience behind the magic of the place, and found and captured the assassin and recovered an antique Iskai dagger, evidence that should aid there investigation. Unfortunately Drirr died from wounds he sustained in the fight with the murderer. The assassin swore he would not be held captive and tried to escape at the first opportunity, and threw himself in to a carnivorous plant in an attempt to kill himself.

Llewellyn could not contain his anger and killed the assassin, immediately after he was pulled from the jaws of the creature, and after a little more investigation the party returned to the city.

The Sebainah demanded an explanation for the death of the Stiriik Drirr, and also for the now dead assassin. Llewellyn gave a brief account, leaving out incriminating parts that pointed to cold blooded murder of the captive. Kuin attempted to aid Llewellyn but his barbarian nature did not seem to give him much social grace, and he only incriminated the party more.

Refusing to say any more on the matter despite any objection Llewellyn told the Sebainah his part in the affair was done, the only human involved was dead and thus he was no longer bound to continue the investigation. Tension mounted until the old advisor, Frill came to make peace with the two parties, and they felt strangely more at peace in his presence. Llewellyn calming accepted arrest for denying Iskai law, and Kuin and Kaddim-Sul continued without him for the time being, flanked by a group of Stiriik.

They discovered the dagger belonged to the family of Bradir, the now head of the former guild and approached him. He fought in vain and was captured and brought before the council. He confessed that he had helped to pay for the murderer, but it was Akiir himself who had ordered it. It was an irrational act by a mad Iskai that hoped by framing Fasiir he might win his daughter Sira, back to the Dji-Fadh.

The Sebainah ordered that the party be rewarded and since Bradir had caused the death of Drirr by aiding the madness and a great deal of trouble to the party, they could determine his fate. They chose to instead let the family of Drirr make that decision.

There was also the matter of the Umajo trader who had brought the assassin to Jirinaar. The Iskai did not want to harm him, for fear of harming trade with the Umajo, whom they need desperately for metal. Instead they gave the party custody of the merchant prince, to do as they will, and the blame would be on their heads. They chose to cut off his hands and strand him in the jungle, if he is to survive then they will not harm him further.

He has not been seen from or heard about since.

As for Bradir, nearly every day a woman comes to the Dji-Kas guild and weeps and pleads with a man there before she is taken away. The man has a scarred Trii, he has no memory of who he once was, but just stares at the Dji-Kas fountain longingly before returning to scrub and clean the guild halls. His injury means he will never feel the true emotions of another Iskai, never know love or recall who he might have been, all he knows is a deep feeling of loss.

The council decreed the body of Drirr must be returned to Maini, where he was born, to rest in the Iskai shrine. His self sacrifice earned him the honor of becoming Chosen, his sister to be made Sebai-Li in his honor.