It is the year 2227, humans have made advancements in technology that allow faster than light travel, but earth is running low on resources. Already slowly making expansion in to new territory a multinational corporation, DDT, sends a giant ship-factory, the Toronto, to orbit a planet known simply as ‘Nugget’. Known by this moniker for being rich in natural resources, all scans show it as a lifeless rock.

But the seemingly accidental death of one of the government inspectors, and the shuttle crash of the second upon the exploratory flight point to a cover up. The inspector survives the crash, and together with the pilot, discover a world teeming with life. Not only do they discover a third sentient race, they find humans, descendants from ancient Celts.

The nature of technology comes in to question, superstition and magic becomes plainly real and the Terrans are confronted with a world completely the opposite of earth. Time is running out however, soon the Toronto will be completely converted in to a mining complex and Albion will be forever ruined. Will the mysteries be uncovered? Will Albion be saved?

Here is the promotional video from the old pc game for anyone who is interested.


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