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  • Sebainah Janiis

    A female Iskai with long brown hair and dark grey fur wearing a circlet with a precious red stone set in the center. She is the Sebainah of Jirinaar, which means she is the head of the council, and is permitted to undergo the sebai ritual two times.

  • Frill

    Sebai-Giz Frill is an ancient Iskai with grey fur and long white hair. He is over 600 years old and has gone through the sebai ritual 20 times. He is a historian and has been an advisor to the council and Sebainah for a very long time. His interest in the …

  • Vris

    Vris is a male Iskai with light brown fur and a tailed grey mane. He takes care of the council building and its inhabitants and such concerns as supplies and conditions.

  • Griibo

    Sebai-li Griibo is a iskai male with a dark gray coat but no mane. He is the leader of the Red Wood Clan, and a council member. The Red Wood Clan is focused on trade, both within Nakiridaani, but also with distant cities like Beloveno.

  • Nadri

    Nadri is a scribe in the council circles of Jirinaar. Many decisions are made in the council circles every day. All of them must be written down, which is exactly what she does. It is not a particularly exciting job, but it is highly regarded. Unlike most …

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